About Us


  About Us

Slofen Global Sdn Bhd

Slofen Global Sdn Bhd (FKA Slofen Global Trading) is producing, distributing and marketing 100% natural handmade & quality plant-based greenery products with ZERO additives. We are keen to share quality products could sight result ON and even IN your body.

Our founder - Crystal Cha was inspired by a friend skin is nourished and wrinkleless even at mid-40s as he consumes raw honey every morning. Then, Crystal has source natural raw wild honey and royal jelly honey direct from farm for sale. With positive feedback from consumers towards health and beauty, she was inspired to produce Honey Handmade Soap and even to create own formula for sensitive skins. Friends and family of the founder has given 101% positive comment as it has improved and enhance their skin condition. So, they encourage her to market it as her first baby product then here comes the O2 Handmade Soap series.

To serve customer with variety of products, Crystal is researching to produce quality essential oil which derives from raw natural plant ingredients for therapy purpose, from head to toes, as well for baby usage.

Vision & Core Values

Our Vision

To inspire people who intend to switch for products from natural ingredients. Besides, We want to market O2 Series products in whole Malaysia as well as other countries such as Singapore, China, London and more to expand by 2027. Collaboration with agents is crucial to make this happening. Aim high, fly high and further with us! We welcome you to join us.

Core Value

Transparency & Trustworthiness

We believe the truthfulness of pure product content could bring customer confidence on safety factor so we actively provide scientific information on quality of proven products such as certification from health bodies (like KKM), excellent laboratory result, etc.

Our Mission

1. Spread Handmade Goodness

2. Team Collaboration

- Form potential agent leader with aligned mindset for areas in Malaysia and other countries.
- Provide proper training by sharing knowledge, insight and resources of product within the team.

3. Greenery effort

- We are implementing 3R concept with valuable customers.
- Reduce wastage by returning clean O2 series Essential Oil bottles to collect points for next purchase discount.
- Reuse or Recycle post-consumer recycled bottles whenever possible
- Product creation and packaging ideas are mainly based on 3R concept, we are making effort to preserve the environment in every conscious choice of ours.