O2 Greenery Series Maroon Henna Nail Polish (15ml)


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O2 Henna Nail Polish

Pure natural plant O2 Greening Henna Nail Polish Come along and feel the difference using O2 Henna Nail Polish !

Beautiful colors, durable and made of 100% natural plant materials and approved by the National Health Service (KKM). Apply now and enjoy using this product!
O2 HENNA NAIL POLISH is a 100% Malaysian made product with KKM certified ingredients from natural plants that have been researched by local experts. Made from two approved types of henna, namely henna, henna oil, rose oil, olive oil, potato powder and Guam guar beans.
Benefits of this product: O2 manicure Henna lasts 1-2 weeks on the nail
1 bottle of 15ml is very durable and does not expire!!!
How to use:
1. First clean the dirt and grease from the nails.
2. Nail polish to remove all dirt/abrasive nails for a more even henna application.
3. Apply Henna O2 to nails and allow to dry. Apply thickly, then apply a second and third coat for a brighter, more beautiful color.
4. After applying 2-3 coats, fill in our complimentary nail art trim before your nails dry. Overnight application is highly recommended to allow the henna to really seep into the nail.
5. Wait for Henna to dry completely, then wash the dried Henna layer with water. 6. polish your nails with a translucent buffer after applying Henna. I hope this product can help. Thank you.

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