O2 Pure Wild Honey (500g)


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Benefits :
#contain rich vitamins , nutration and enzymes intact
#contain powerful antioxidants
#help stabilize blood pressure and blood sugar levels
#boots immune function
#improve digestion
#reduce risk of illness and disease
#aids weight loss
#help and prevent ulcers
#smoothes sore throat
#honey can suppress coughs in children and adults
#improve sleep

FAQ--frequently asked question
1) Can a diabetes patients consume honey ?
Answer: YES ! honey easy to be absorb and digest compare the refined sugar , and most of diabetes patient they consume the honey as sugar replacement .

2) Can a high blood pressure patient consume honey ?
Answer: YES! The Antioxidants in the honey can help to lower the blood pressure .

3) Can a high cholesterol person consume honey ?
Answer :YES! Honey may improve the cholesterol level ,and reduce the bad LDL cholesterol and raring the good HDL cholesterol

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