O2 Pure Nature Crystal Energetic Concentrated Essential Oil Perfume


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 《Passionate》O2 Natural Crystal Energetic Concentrated Essential Oil Perfume

Passionate》Essential Oil perfume: 
the top note is incense, the middle note is rosemary, and the base note is musk fragrance with a cool feeling. 

Generally speaking, the scents of the 《Passionate》 Essential Oil Perfume in the front, middle and back periods are not very different. Many friends may find it unacceptable when they first smell it, but they will gradually find that it has a fresh and warm scent fragrance. 

Perfumer and materials 《Passionate》 Essential Oil~

Top note: Incense mint Patchouli 
Middle note: Musk Rosemary 
Base note: Sandalwood ,

①Filled with mellow incense mixed with a hint of cool mint and patchouli, giving people a feeling that strangers should not get close, like a girl in black walking alone in the city, disheartened about everything, just wanting to Get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

 ②Under the mellow influence of incense, the smell of musk is not so impulsive.

③The last tone of the paragraph is warm and generous. Looking at this bustling city, I close my eyes and show a faint smile.

Astrology of Crystal:

Beautiful and Powerful, Crystals can be very important tools that can help you to be energetic
Introduction of Crystal Energy Series~

  1. Green Fluorite
  2. Pink Fluorite
  3. Rainbow Fluorite
  4. Amethyst Fluorite
  5. Sapphire Fluorite
Green Fluorite Energetic
- Eliminate Negative Energy, Resist and Prevent the Invasion of External Negative energy, and Help the Mind to stay clear. It can screen out messy thoughts and is not easily disturbed by external opinions, which can effectively improve Learning and Work Efficiency.

Pink Fluorite Energetic
- Heal heartbreak and Open Mind, Love, Peace and Happiness.
- Improve The Popularity of Nobles, Expand the Network, Make People More Loving, Attract Peach Blossoms, Increase the Relationship of the Opposite Sex and the Harmony of Lovers and Couples.
- Improve Interpersonal and Business Relationships.

Rainbow Fluorite Energetic
- The energy of Rainbow Fluorite is Stable and Soft, which can calm emotions and inspire inspiration, so that beauty and good luck can give us happiness and positive energy together. The color conversation is magical from Noble to Elegant, Bright and Lovely, not Lose Generosity.

Amethyst Fluorite Energetic
- Develop Intelligence, Stabilize Emotions, Improve Intuition, Help Thinking, Increase Memory and Improve Luck for Noble People.

Sapphire Fluorite Energetic
- Helps to Clear the Mind, Increase Courage, Confidence and Willpower, Calm the Nerves, Concentrate, Improve Work Concentration and Personal Learning Ability.
  • When using, spray the perfume on the neck, wrist or chest, take a few breaths quietly, let the aroma and natural crystal energy gradually penetrate, bringing a natural, fresh and relaxing feeling. In order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use it in the morning or afternoon, in conjunction with physical and mental training such as yoga or meditation, to help the body and mind better balance and adjust. 
  •  Pure natural crystal energy essential oil perfume, under the dual effects of aroma and natural crystal energy, can relieve physical and mental fatigue, balance emotions, improve concentration, and enhance resistance, so that you can better face Live and work.
  • At the same time, its pure natural formula is safer and more harmless, and it is a perfume product that follows the principles of nature and health.


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