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O2 Greenery Series Pure Natural Rose Hydrosol has multiple effects and uses. Here are some main effects and ways to use it:

1. Moisturizing: Rose Hydrosol is rich in natural moisturizing factors, which can deeply nourish the skin and maintain skin moisture balance, preventing and improving dry skin.

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Somalia Myrrh hydrosol is a watery liquid extracted through steam distillation from myrrh essential oil. It has various benefits and effects:

1. Antioxidant: Myrrh hydrosol is rich in natural antioxidants that can effectively combat free radicals, slow down aging, and promote cell renewal in the skin.


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『True Love』essential oils are a part of the O2 Greenery Series Pure Natural Essential Oil Aromatherapy line. These oils are specifically designed to create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. The blend of bergamot mint and mugwort in this essential oil provides a calming and soothing effect, while the osmanthus and jasmine add a sweet and romantic touch.

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Experience the passion and allure of the Passionate O2 pure natural plant essential oil perfume. This exquisite fragrance combines the mystique of incense with the freshness of mint and the earthy richness of patchouli.

Let it transport you to a world where black-clad girls wander the city with a sense of detachment, yearning for solace amidst the chaos.

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O2 Greenery Series (Peach Blossom) Pure Natural Essential Oil Perfume

  • Top notes: Sour cherry, almond, red berries, bergamot
  • Middle notes: Licorice, rose, tea leaf, taif rose
  • Base notes: Vanilla, fennel, tonka bean, patchouli, iris flower


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