Essential Oil Perfume

When life feels tiring and your mood is low,
Try a touch of luxury, let your worries go.
O2 Greenery Series Essential oil Men Aphrodisiac Perfume"The Worrier",
Ignites desire and passion, your heart will inspire.

Rose and gardenia blend in a fragrance divine,
Orange blossom and bergamot, a lively combine.<

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O2 Greenery Series "Candy Love" is a Pure Natural Plant Essential Oil Perfume specially designed for women. It has a long-lasting scent that lasts for 24 hours and is full of fun and allure. Whether in daily life or in special occasions, this perfume will make you exude charming allure and attract the attention of men.<

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The best way to describe and use the Golden Phoenix O2 Greenery Series Essential Oil Pure Nature Perfume is as follows:

The perfume is a fragrant blend of floral notes, creating a refreshing and captivating scent.

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Experience the passion and allure of the Passionate O2 pure natural plant essential oil perfume. This exquisite fragrance combines the mystique of incense with the freshness of mint and the earthy richness of patchouli.

Let it transport you to a world where black-clad girls wander the city with a sense of detachment, yearning for solace amidst the chaos.

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O2 Greenery Series (Peach Blossom) Pure Natural Essential Oil Perfume

  • Top notes: Sour cherry, almond, red berries, bergamot
  • Middle notes: Licorice, rose, tea leaf, taif rose
  • Base notes: Vanilla, fennel, tonka bean, patchouli, iris flower


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